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Jesusland Books

Jesusland Book 1: Welcome to Jesusland

Book one will focus on the introduction of understanding the Kingdom of God and our citizenship in it when we become Jesus followers.  It will deep dive into the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHO, and HOW of the Kingdom.  It will also introduce where we are to be found in our citizen process.

Available on Amazon in Hard cover, Soft cover, and Ebook

Jesusland Book 1 Front cover.png

Jesusland Book 2: The Hostile Foreigner

Book two will introduce where we start in relationship with the Kingdom of ENEMIES!  We will look at the rebellion against God's will and the rise of the Kingdom of Man.  But we will also see the great rescue plan of God to restore the Kingdom to the earth.  The good news is that God is an enemy-lover!

Available Spring 2024
Jesusland Book 2 Front.png
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